Norwegian Gothic Vinyl - Pink/White Merge

Norwegian Gothic Vinyl - Pink/White Merge

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Norwegian Gothic - Vinyl LP (Pink/White Merge)

12" Double Vinyl LP.

Årabrot's 9th full length album pressed on Pink & White merge vinyl. Vagina Dentata etching on Side D. 

Limited Edition.

Released via Pelagic Records.

*Please note vinyls are shipped unsealed to double check colour variant.


1. Carnival of Love

2. The Rule of Silence

3. Feel It On

4. The Lie

5. The Crows

6. Kinks of the Heart

7. Hailstones for Rain

8. The Voice

9. Hallucinational

10. (This Is) The Night

11. Hard Love

12. Impact Heavily Onto The Concrete

13. Hounds of Heaven

14. Deadlock

15. The Moon Is Dead

16. You're Not That Special